Kendo ui scheduler slot template

By Mark Zuckerberg

Learn how to set the cell background color by using slotTemplate and allDaySlotTemplate, based on the slot date, in a Kendo UI Scheduler widget.

In this article you will learn how to implement Kendo Scheduler with remote ... with scheduler widget in Kendo UI I explained how ... template and select ASP.NET Web ... Getting started with Kendo UI Mobile | Adobe Developer ... Kendo UI Mobile Templates are lightweight and engineered to be exceptionally fast. You can declare a template by creating a script block and giving it a type of ... Progress Sass Theme Builder Start Theming. Select a Telerik theme for a base. Import Theme. Upload your customized theme

Here are the links to the Scheduler custom editor for Kendo UI (Telerik's Code Library)You'll want to investigate the Scheduler Editor Template. Here is a detailed version (albeit it's the MVC wrapper version, but the Kendo template is defined similarly without the Razor code by the