Death by red hot poker up the anus

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Proctalgia Fugax Is A Pain In The Butt – Dr. Noorali Bharwani Nov 25, 2008 ... There are at least six common causes for rectal and anal pain: pruritus ...... I used to be afraid to death of this pain, which would only make it worse ...... those few glass of red wine at the end of the day were my stress releasers. ...... be described as like someone putting a hot poker up my backside – it is an ... Regicides, family murders & mysteries – General History Jun 10, 2015 ... Regicide, or the killing of a reigning monarch by his own people has ... it that red-hot pokers were introduced into the king's body via the anus ... William II of England | European Royal History Dec 14, 2012 ... William I “the Conqueror” divided his lands upon his death in 1087. ... The Crown was up for grabs until William could name a successor. ... and horrific end (a red-hot poker thrust into his anus) after he was forced to abdicate.

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Did King Edward 2nd get killed by a red hot poker?

Facts about the butthole: Everything you need to know to cure… King Edward II’s death by red hot poker up the anus is famous for its brutality, but it may just be propaganda.(The planet Uranus has nothing to do with your anus). Your butthole is part of the body’s most powerful group of muscles, made up of your ass cheeks (gluteus maximus) and two other... Following on from an earlier question, which English... | Yahoo… According to some academics, the red-hot poker story has simply been circulated because ofHowever, symbolically, the red-hot poker up his anus story wins as the most gory demise for theIt also supposedly had the added benefit that it would appear that the king had died a natural death; this...