What are agp slots used for

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They were the most accepted expansion slots used on a motherboard. The tool, PCI, was first designed and created by Intel for sorting out a major problem that every computer used had to face in the 90s.

Techopedia explains Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP). Earlier, P-II computer machines (x86 supported) were designed with AGP.Dedicated communication: an AGP can provide dedicated communication between the processor and slot. It increases clock speed and also uses RAM to copy... What is the Difference between ISA, PCI, AGP vs PCIE … AGP Slots. It is a very high speed advanced point to point slot which is usually used to attach a video card to the computer’s mother board to enhance theIt is a modernized version of PCI and AGP slots and is create by the few recognized famous brands. It has more improved speed and is more efficient. What Are AGP Slots - Bing images

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What is PCI and AGP interface/slots ? AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port). AGP slot can be thought of as a specialized PCI slot made especiallyAGP is a high-bandwidth interface/slot designed specifically for graphics cards. AGP has goneExample : Intel Motherboards from 915 Chipset onwards use PCI-E slots and not AGP slots . AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) Definition AGP is a type of expansion slot designed specifically for graphics cards. It was developed in 1996 as an alternative to the PCI standard.Like PCI slots, AGP slots are built into a computer's motherboard. They have a similar form factor to PCI slots, but can only be used for graphics cards.

What Is a PCI Slot Used For? The peripheral component interconnect (PCI) slots on a motherboard are designed to allow direct interaction between secondary hardware and the central processor. Today, these components are attached directly to the motherboard, allowing the use of various internal components beyond the industry standards. ...

Motherboard Expansion Slots: Types and Uses How can the answer be improved? What is AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port)? - Computer Hope Where is AGP on the motherboard. A computer with AGP support has one AGP slot next to all other expansion slots or an on-board AGP video. If you needed more than one video card in the computer, you can have one AGP video card and one PCI video card or use a motherboard that supports SLI. Tip: Not all operating systems support AGP because... What is an AGP slot used for - answers.com What is an AGP slot used for? As it's name implies, AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) slots are commonly used for high-performance video cards. Other devices using the AGP slot are possible, but rare. Accelerated Graphics Port - Wikipedia

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AGP Slots, what one do I have?!?!? | Tech Support Guy Ok, I know there are different AGP Slots out there, and every one I've seen up untill today has a key slot on it but today I recieved a board with a slot ive never seen before, it has no key! what slot is this, and since its old (not supprised if someone says AGP 1x) will it run one of. todays newer Vid cards... AGP slot not working!! What can I do? I have an AGP graphics card which I am sure works fine since I tested this on another motherboard. However when I connect this to another motherboardIt says "Do NOT use a 3.3V AGP card on the AGP slot of this motherboard! It may cause permanent damage!". However I do not have anyway to... What are expansion slots and expansion cards